Mission Statement

The Building Industry Association of Washington is the voice of the housing industry in the state of Washington. The association is dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the vitality of the building industry for the benefit of its members and the housing needs of the citizens.

To accomplish this purpose, the association's primary focus is to educate, influence and affect the legislative, regulatory, judicial and executive agencies of Washington's government. The Building Industry Association of Washington will offer its membership those services which can best be provided on a state wide basis and will disseminate information concerning the building industry to all association members and the public.

What We Do on Behalf of Our Members

The Building Industry Association of Washington exists to unite those in the building industry in Washington state in their fight against a government that has made this industry among the most regulated in the nation.

The BIAW Leaders and staff work full time so you can work less time, representing you and more than 8,200 member companies like yours who want taxes and regulations limited. BIAW battles 365 days a year on your behalf to reduce the scope of government and expand free enterprise.

Besides battling big government, BIAW offers a variety of programs and services that can help put your business on top. The BIAW Return on Industrial Insurance (R.O.I.I.®) Select Program, Legislative and Government Affair Program, Education Program, Legal Program, Health Insurance Program, Safety Assistance Program, and Membership Program offer valuable tools you can use to grow your business.