Accessible Housing Council

Accessible Housing Council

The purpose of the Accessible Housing Council is to provide a venue for sharing information on the following topics within the accessible housing market segment:

  • Building and remodeling construction practices and needs
  • The relationship of universal design and certified aging-in-place elements
  • Green, energy-efficient, low maintenance and sustainability practices
  • Consumer needs and solutions on current products, design trends and retrofits
  • Successful marketing strategies

In addition, the Council seeks to encourage cross-council interaction on education and legislation that impacts the accessible housing market segment.

NAHB 55+ Housing Council

The National Association of Home Builders' 55+ Housing Council provides educational programs and networking opportunities for NAHB builder and associate members who serve the rapidly growing 55+ housing market. Council members can take advantage of exclusive industry research, members-only news publications, nationally-recognized awards and recognition program, regulatory and legislative assistance, and other benefits.

Accessible Products for Builders and Remodelers

One aspect of the Accessible Housing Council is to provide a venue for sharing information on building and remodeling construction practices and to promote sound, efficient and progressive practices in the design and construction of the accessible housing segment. The following are some of the best resources available on practices and products for accessible housing.

AARP - American Association of Retired People
AARP's Home Fit Guide provides step-by-step and room-by-room checklists and additional links to manufacturers and suppliers of accessible products or call (877) 926-8300 and ask for document #D18959.

National Directory of Home Modification and Repair
This university-based, non-profit effort, is dedicated to promoting aging in place and independent living for persons of all ages and disabilities. It serves as an information clearinghouse on home modification to equip professionals and consumers with a comprehensive inventory of resources.

Practical Guide to Universal Home Design
As baby boomers approach retirement and the average age of the U.S. population increases, these lifestyle changes will become the norm. Many businesses - including builders and remodelers - are designing products that appeal to these customers who are beginning to encounter age-related issues. Current estimates are that within three years (by 2019), the 55+ category will account for nearly half of all U.S. households and more of them will need updated features and products to stay in their current homes. Along with the aging-in-place market, a growing number of households have a member who has either a temporary or permanent disability and can also benefit from improved accessibility updates.

Universal design is the idea of making things comfortable and convenient for as many different people at as many stages of life as possible. The Practical Guide to Universal Home Design booklet provides a common sense approach to making any home a more pleasant place to live right now, in the present, and avoid unnecessary hassles and expensive changes in the future.

Why universal design? Universal design adds:

  • Flexibility, making it easier to adapt to lifestyles changes or as others move into the home
  • Simplicity, making everyday life simpler in many ways including housekeeping, storage, entertaining, and maintenance
  • Style and Individuality, universal design is both beautiful and comfortable
  • Safety, eliminating common causes of home accidents

BIAW's Accessible Housing Trade Show takes place during BIAW's Winter board meeting.

Meet local manufacturers, suppliers and service providers along with interactive displays, industry proven tools, technologies and evidence-based research.

If you have questions on how you can be a part of this event, please contact Karen Hall at (360) 352-7800, ext.137.