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BIAW Headquarters Update
March 2, 2020

BIAW has closed on the sale of the McCleary Mansion and are now tenants in the mansion until our move to the Parkside Building early this summer. In January, we began construction on the Parkside Building and are making daily progress. Here are a few of our remodeling milestones:

Jan. 2: All tenant leases on the third floor ended
Jan. 9: Excess office furniture was moved downstairs and given away
Jan. 10: Demolition began
Feb. 19: Demolition completed
Feb. 21: Framing began on third floor
Feb. 21: Plumbing completed on first floor
Feb. 24: Parkside open house for members
Feb. 26: Building permits issued
March 2: Fire suppression, electrical, and fire alarm subcontractors begin work

Thank you to Al Audette, Jan Rohila, and the oversight committee led by Past President Rick Hjelm for continuing to manage this project.

Stay tuned throughout the following months for more updates and photos of BIAW’s new headquarters and its progress. Visit our Facebook album to see progress on the Parkside Building here.

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