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L&I Closures due to State Furloughs in July
July 6, 2020

Governor Jay Inslee has directed all cabinet agencies in Washington to take furlough days as a result of the state budget shortfall related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting this week, many L&I employees will go on furlough one day per week through July 25 and will not be able to answer phone calls or emails.

L&I's Tumwater and field office locations will be closed on the following furlough days:

  • Friday, July 10
  • Friday, July 17
  • Friday, July 24

Many employees also must take a furlough day once a month from August to November. Specific dates have not been determined.

L&I remains committed to keeping Washington safe and working, and the services vital to public health and safety—DOSH, electrical inspections, workers’ compensation benefits—remain operational during furlough days.

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