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Construction Contracts & Lien Law

7.5 Real Estate Clock Hours WA DOL ~ BIAW
6 CE, Insurance Continuing Education, State of WA Insurance Commissioner ~ BIAW
6 CE, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) ~ NAHB
6 CE, American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) ~ NAHB
Legal Continuing Education Credit (through Linville Law Firm)

Are you sure your contracts abide by all current laws?
Do you know all current laws & rights to file a lien?
Do you want to risk it? It only takes one person to sue you.
Don’t be caught off guard, if you use contracts and/or liens, you need this class!

Bring a copy of your Contract to be reviewed in class. Lunch is NOT included with this class.

The Contracts portion of the class will teach you the important terms you need to address in your contract in order to minimize the occurrence and magnitude of problems that inevitably arise with customers or other contractors. You will learn how to write an improved contract that contains the required legal notices, limits your exposure to claims and liabilities, provides for economical resolution of a dispute, establishes a practical method of handling change orders, gives the customer a limited warranty, and precludes your customer from firing you and hiring somebody else to fix or complete your work. All good things you need in your standard contract. This seminar also explains the significant terms of the standard commercial subcontract and how these terms can present unwanted risk to the subcontractor. You will learn that these terms should be negotiated rather than blindly accepted. The Contracts seminar comes complete with a 238 page course book in a durable 3-ring binder that is totally current, accurate and explanatory. You can go online at and view the complete table of contents for this book.

The Lien section of the class will teach you how to prepare, record and foreclose a lien on either a commercial or residential project. The seminar will also teach you how to prepare, file and foreclose your lien against a payment bond or a retainage on any federal, state, county, or city public works project. Both liens and public works claims generally require a preliminary notice. This is all explained at the Lien seminar. The Lien seminar comes complete with a 343 page course book in a durable 3-ring binder that is totally current, accurate and explanatory. All necessary forms are included. The course book is an excellent reference guide, designed for practical application. You can go online at and view the complete table of contents for this book.

Instructor: Linville Law Office

Class Date(s)Starts-EndsCourse TitleLocationMbr FeeNon-Mbrs 
Thu Feb 22, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawFirst Federal Bank-Port Townsend225.00275.00 Register
Thu Mar 8, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawBIA of Clark County-Vancouver275.00375.00 Register
Wed May 23, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawMBA of King/Snohomish Counties-Bellevue250.00300.00 Register
Tue Sep 11, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawKitsap Building Association-Bremerton250.00300.00 Register
Thu Sep 20, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawHBA Office in Tri-Cities-Kennewick352.00300.00 Register
Wed Oct 10, 201808:30-04:30 Construction Contracts & Lien LawSpokane Home Builders Association-Spokane250.00350.00 Register

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